Skincare Ingredients that Pregnant Women Must Avoid

Perhaps it’s not the first thing that you need to change once you become pregnant, however, there are ingredients in conventional skincare, cosmetic, and beauty products that you need to avoid. In fact, the FDA has an updated categorization and list of ingredients utilized in cosmetic and beauty products. Most of such ingredients have been recognized to result in harmful effects to our health and can possibly harm you and your baby. Hence, it’s really important to be particular in choosing what to apply to your skin and only use skincare products safe during pregnancy. To know which products and ingredients to prevent, read on this article:

Aluminum chloride

Aluminum chloride is a controversial ingredient that’s still a hot topic for many debated studies. Moreover, this is a typical ingredient used in antiperspirants and deodorants. Generally, it’s thought to be safe to utilize in lower concentrations. However, make sure to prevent products with this ingredient in high concentrations.

Essential oils

When it comes to beauty products, essential oils are usually known as a natural substitute. Bit, they aren’t examined by the FDA yet and they don’t usually adhere to strict labeling standards. Essential oils are available in different concentrations and varieties. Hence, it’s difficult to create a general statement on whether you can or cannot utilize them while you’re pregnant. However, take note that most of them have been associated with severe health issues while they are used by pregnant women. If you really want to use essential oils, make sure to consult it with your physician first.

Salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide

It’s quite normal to get acne while you’re pregnant. However, you must carefully select your acne creams. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the ingredients that you need to prevent during your pregnancy stage. A lot of the typically utilized acne creams are infused with the mixtures of such acids to deal with acne. If you are searching for a great solution for your acne during your pregnancy, make sure to search for products that just utilize one among these ingredients.

Accutane and Tazorac

These two are vitamin A derivatives as well. However, they are prescription medicines. Unfortunately, Tazorac and Accutane are listed as part of the dangerous ingredients according to the FDA. This is because they are recognized to make birth defects possible. Hence, they need to be prevented while pregnant. You’ve probably encountered either of these ingredients while you are pregnant. However, just in case, you still need to know this.

Retinyl Palmitate, retinol, and Retin-A

These are derivatives of vitamin A can result in risky birth defects. Though it is essential to get a sufficient number of vitamin A for the development of your baby, it would be best to prevent such vitamin A derivatives that can adversely impact your baby’s development.

These are only some of the ingredients among the many harmful ingredients that you should look out for. If unsure, always ask your doctors about which skincare ingredients and beauty products are safe for pregnant women and which ones to prevent.

Why Tree Maintenance is Beneficial? 

Like your favorite investment or jewelry, you need to maintain the looks and the sparks of them in order to give a nice physical appearance. With the case of the tree, in order for you to see them growing more beautifully, then you should learn how to keep them in a very good shape. It doesn’t mean that you should give them too much water so that they won’t be dehydrated or putting too much mulch. There are times that what we need is the right amount and the exact way to take care of them.  


Of course, the Greeley tree service can give you some help if you really need one. They can teach about the proper guidelines on how you can be a responsible gardener or plant enthusiast. A tree could grow pretty well if you know the right methods to use. Some people would even try to learn that one online so that it will be very easy and convenient for them to research in case something is wrong. You can have the chance to save your trees as well because of this matter.  

If you noticed that there are some weird insects or organisms crawling on the branch of your trees, then you need to get to know of them. In this manner, you would be able to control the numbers of them. It is nice that you will have an idea about this matter as they might ruin the leaves of the tree or may cause serious diseases to the tree.  

Others know something about pruning and this is a really good method if you are thinking about removing the unwanted parts of the trees. Professional pruners know the exact part of the plant which they need to cut down so that it would not transmit diseases to another part of the tree. When your tree is infected with the different pests and the infestation is becoming serious, then you need the help of those expert in this field. You can’t just experiment and do things on your own. It will help you to save your infested tree and they can revive this one if it is already drying.  

When your trees are getting the right care, then they can grow pretty well. You would see the vibrant green color of the leaves and even the flowers that are giving so much liveliness to the entire place. It would be a bit unpleasant to the eyes if we can’t trim those parts that are not having a good appeal anymore. Sometimes, we need to consider the fact that we need to hide them or to get rid of them totally.  

Professional arborists would give you some ideas and even teach you on how to get rid of the chance of diseases to the trees and your plants in the property. You need to have some time to check the condition of each tree and make sure to have a good idea when the weather is becoming unpleasant like continuous and heavy rainfall for a week.  

Watering Your Lawn Properly in the Summer

Water is the source of life. All living things require water to survive. Of course, this will include your grass. However, it is not enough to just remember to water the lawn. There is a wrong and right way of doing it.

For instance, the roots of the grass will not deeply grow if you aren’t lavish enough with the water. This will leave your lawn in danger, especially during summer.

Also, your lawn can become extremely moist if you choose to run the sprinkler system after dark. This will leave it open to diseases and mold.

Here are a couple of things you should know to properly water your landscaping in the summer:

Signs that the Grass Has Enough Water

There are a couple of ways you can tell if you have provided the grass enough water. This includes:

  • You can put empty and clean cans (you can try tuna cans) around the yard and measure how long it takes for your sprinkler system to fill every can with 1 inch of water. The coverage of the sprinkler will differ. Thus, you need to calculate the usual time it takes to fill every can.
  • You can also determine the flow rate of the sprinkler system from the manufacturer. Then, you should multiply your yard’s square footage by 0.62 gallons. Once you get an answer, divide it by the sprinkler’s rate of flow. The result will tell you the amount of time you’ve got to run the sprinkler.
  • During your first watering, examine the soil every 15 minutes. This will help you see how long it takes to get the soil soaked. Utilize a screwdriver or a shovel to get a measurement. Also, you should note the time whenever you have identified the water has gone 6 inches deep.

How Much Water Should You Utilize?

Keep in mind that you do not have to be concerned about watering each day. Grass requires around 1 inch to 1 ½ inch of water every week, either from irrigation or rainfall.

You need to water your grass until the soil is moist around 6 up to 8 inches deep. This will provide the grass the inch of water it requires. You can water your lawn in one session with 1 inch of water or in two sessions with 0.5 inches of water.

What Time of Day Should You Water?

The ideal time to water your lawn is between 6 in the morning and 9 in the morning. During this period, it is cooler and the winds are calm. This enables the roots of the grass to absorb water before it evaporates.

If you’ve got to water in the evening, the ideal time is between 4 in the afternoon and 6 in the evening.

When Should You Water?

Your grass will certainly require water if it’s looking faded or grey. Also, if you walk on your lawn and you leave footprints on the grass, you have to water your lawn. The reason for this is that there is not enough water in the blades.